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How to Maintain a Tile Roof

Keeping your tile roof clean and in good repair will ensure it lasts many, many years. Learn the common types of maintenance and repairs that need to be made to your tile roof.

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How to Maintain and Repair a Wood Shingle Roof

As we mentioned in the general roof maintenance article, keeping your gutters clear of debris and removing hanging branches near the roof will help keep your shingles in top shape. Clean moss, lichen, and molds with a solution of water and chlorine bleach or other solvent. But what if your wood shingle roof needs repairs? […]

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How to Maintain and Repair Asphalt and Composition Roofs

Prevent Repairs Keep your attic cool. This will prevent heat from building up under the shingles, which causes oils in the asphalt to dry, shortening their lifespan. Increase ventilation by adding turbine vents near the ridgeline of the roof. Turbine vents are heat driven, so when warm air rises from the attic, the turbine spin […]

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How to Maintain and Repair a Metal Roof

If your home has a metal roof, it should last 40, 50 years or longer with regular maintenance. Taking care of problems early will help ensure you get the maximum possible service life! Repair processes vary widely depending on the type of metal roof. Whenever repairing a metal roof, be sure to use compatible materials. […]

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Prevent & Repair Roof Damage

If your home is your castle, then your roof is your best defense against invaders. Water, snow, ice, mold and mildew are all enemies waiting for their opportunity to strike. Protecting the integrity of your roof is critical to protecting the investment you’ve made in your home. Whether your roof is two years old or […]

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Modern Metal Roofing Materials

A growing trend in the home roofing industry these days is the metal roof. With qualities of light weight, durability and fire resistance, there are various metal roofing materials and systems to consider. Some of the newer metal roofing materials are even designed to give your roof the look of wood shakes or slate tile. […]

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

When considering what type of roof to put on your new home or to replace your roofing with, metal roofing is certainly worth considering for its many benefits and qualities; especially if you live in a climate which is subject to heavy snowfall. A variety of metal roofing materials are available, from the more familiar […]

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Overview of Roofing Materials

Many people seldom think about their home’s roof until it leaks! Then, you realize that a roof is one of the most important major components of your home, since a failing roof affects almost all the other components. And aside from “putting a roof over your head”, there are also aesthetic and safety considerations with […]

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Overview of Roof Types

While the types of roofs used on homes are nearly endless, most can be categorized by the historical and architectural style of a home. Many people mistake roof type with roofing materials. Both are important, but the type of roof your home has is determined when the home is designed and built whereas many materials […]

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Roofing Tools Guide

Roofing can be a dangerous job and is always hard work, so having the best tools and safety equipment available is critical. Roofing Articles provides you with an overview of the basic tools and equipment needed to maintain, repair or install a roof. Some of the tools used have been around for decades, while others […]

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